KRYTIKA Productions Podcast 010 – Switch Technique

Beautiful mix by the mastermind himself. It was a great pleasure to have him over at our party. Here you have the chance to listen to his mixing and production skills. In my eyes this guy is on top of Olympus. And btw. this guy is also such a nice fellow. Book him or at least listen to this set 🙂

Chee & Counterstrike – Perfect Machine (Algorythm)
Syrinx – Returned (Black Hoe)
Synthakt – Spiral View (Algorythm)
Blast & Fragz – Cosmic Radiation (Yellow Stripe)
Pythius & DJ Hidden – Corrosive (Blackout)
Switch Technique – Sour Sky (Black Hoe)
Katharsys – Destruction (Othercide)
Chee – Martyrdom (Algorythm)
Cooh – Misbit (Counterstrike Remix)
Switch Technique – Quarks & Leptons (Therapy Sessions)
Counterstrike & Eye-D – How It Ends (Algorythm)
Brainpain – Back It Up (Kinetik)
Black Sun Empire – Elusive (Blackout)
Experimental Chemistry – Icons Of Evil (Krytika Productions)
Looh – Kislota (Position Chrome)
Switch Technique – Softbreed (PRSPCT)
BSA – Clubwalker (PRSPCT)

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