[KRTM] – Consumer (The Worst of KRTM)

It’s already a few months out there but still worth listening. The latest Album by KRTM on the infamous PRSPCT label is an outstanding piece of art. This is the epitome of hard Techno, in my personal opinion. KRTM succeeds in bringing eeriness and flow together like no other. From slow to a little bit faster and from straight to broken.

However, if you bought tracks by KRTM so far you might have some of the tracks from the album already in your discography, since some were previously released on Madback Records. But if you didn’t there’s no excuse to buy that full album. It’s also quite cheap on the PRSPCT bandcamp with about 9€ + fees.

It’s hard to tell which tune is the best on here. I have some favourites, but can highly recommend to listen to every track. On the other hand there is one track I want to highlight here. I for myself waited eagerly for this tune to finally came out. It was actually once released as a free release, but unfortunately I wasn’t aware of it then. It disappeared, but now it’s again available and it’s such a blast to listen to it! The tune I#m talking about is of course Purple Fucking Head! One of the most impressive tracks I’ve ever witnessed!

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