KlitoriX – Live at Balter 2018 (Jigsore Stage)

Pretty neat set from your one and only KlitoriX. This time not as breakcoreish as usual. However the live recording contains mostly crossbreed which is exellently mixed!

Dolphin & The Teknoist – Multiverse
Mindustries – Spark Outrage
Deformer – Repossessor (Predator Remix)
Mindustries – Change_everything
N-Vitral and I:gor – Crack ya neck
Innominate – The price you pay
Industrial Terrorists – Alignment
eDUB – Muerte Y Destruccion
I:Gor – Zero fucks given
Bryan Fury – Bringing the pain
N-Vitral and The Outside Agency – Sam’s Gospel
Shadowcore – Angels & Demons (I-Gor Remix)
Satan – Way Out
eDUB – This is sparta
N-Vitral – Welcome to the killzone (2016 version)
Skitzaph0nic Feat NoizyAzFuck – The Crushing Darkness
Hungry & Vein ft Sa†an – Grave Mistake
Igneon SYstem – Pray for blood
Innominate – Build to hurt
eDUB ft Im Colapsed – Ansiety
BrainCrash – Psychonaut
N-Vitral & Igneon System – Jump the f@#- up (Innominate remix)
Gizmode & Tapeworm – Linear Breakdown
Circular D – Wayside Drummer
Babyshaker – Mosquito (Dr Bastardo Remix)
Flacido Domingo – Ye-Ye Shawty Turns Nasty!
Neocortex – Talk Leemhouse To Me
Sebby T – Pisscake
King Julien Sound System – Feel Da Phonk (sc.Dave!’s 5am Crusty Dreadlock Remix)
Regent Cid – Distraught
SuM – Rewind (Retrasado Klito Rmx)
Dubscribe – Blood Rave (Witch Bitch Klito Wmx)
Mr.Bad Monkey – Next Time In The Sushi Bar
Gore Tech – Ragga War
Circus Brekovic – Cara Van Core

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