Fanu presents Breaks & Beats Podcast #24

Well no question about it Fanu is not only a talented producer, he also has a good taste in mixing music. Of course, it is not as hard as most of the mixes we post on this blog, but sometimes we feel the need to post some music for our junglists out there!

Aeon Four – Silence
DJ Rap & Aston – Get Rushed
Jahganaut & Duburban – Prayer
Esc – Arrowhead
Dan LK – Request
Dan LK – Spreadin Rumours
Jahganaut & Duburban – Gotta Get Next To You
Fanu & The Filthy Whitman – Ritual In Time (Out Of Fuel remix)
Fracture – Bad Habit
Infader – Marble Madness
Jarmo-Koira – Junk 8 remix
De.Calc – Core Delete
Mako – One Reality
Nucleus – Flim Flam
Greenleaf – Know Badness

Listen to some perfectly cut up and sliced breaks here:

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