Apwnm x Tannis – The Axis of Self

Industrial Strength is not only one of the most import Hardcore labels out there, it is also pushing boundaries when it comes to musically deviances. Their latest release undoubtedly falls into a category of its own. Apwnm x Tannis created a slamming noisescape that heavily feasts on spoken words. In “The Axis of Self” both artists went into uncharted territory. It’s extremely well produced and dark as hell. Especially the words by Tannis provide this EP with a very emotional and intense atmosphere.

In case you want to dig deeper, we can highly recommend to also check out their homepage. There you can find further material and it’s also visually quite pleasing. And most importantly, you can also find the lyrics for each track, which is quite helpful. Very thoughtful, but obviously dark as hell! Enjoy 😊

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