Marlen Attempt EP

The most recent release from Marlen on Motormouth Recordz is just a neat, banging hardcore/hard techno release that is as uncompromising as it is rough. Of course, hard music gained a lot of momentum recently, but not much overcomes the generic same wannabe hard mentality. This release is again an exception to the rule.

Marlen only released on Motormouth Recordz as far as I found out and all the releases sound very good. I did not hear much from this producer yet, but to me personally the sound sticks out from the average “just make it hard and pretend it’s hardcoreish Techno” in a very positive way. There’s not much yet to discover, however Marlen managed to release already 3 EPs on Motormouth in no time (the first release was in September 2022).

I post all 3 releases here, since they are all worth listening to. My absolute favorite track is Lifemate from the first release “Cold and Unlaced”. I love it, when this type of music manages to introduce some ankle breaking weirdo vibes 😊

Marlen – Attempt EP

Marlen – Coughs and Cramps EP

Marlen – Cold and Unlaced EP

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