10 CLS – RUN

The new or more precisely first album by 10 CLS has been around for quite some time already, but there are tons of reasons to shine light on this outstanding release. The mastermind behind 10 CLS is also known to the broader public as Ophidian. And this alone should ring a bell. He is one of the most impressive electronic producers of all time and moreover always interested in creating more and more projects, diving deep and deeper into musical realms that take you farther and farther away from your genre specific comfort zone.

But enough about the artist, what about the release itself? On the surface you might just call it a Techno release, and even though this description is totally on point, it’s by far not enough to describe what 10 CLS has created here. We talk about daunting soundscapes which are reminiscent of classic orchestral synthesizer music, though continuously pushing a hard sound. I don’t know if this is even a contradiction, but 10 CLS combines these soundscapes without any hesitation. But then again, it’s not only Techno that sounds kinda “rooted”, if that makes sense, it’s also so incredible futuristic and experimental. The drum programming, the sounds, the sequencing, the acid lines, everything sounds so familiar, but still unique. Everything on this album is being questioned and rearranged to perfection.

The album features definitely some dancefloor material, but it also fits every sophisticated wine testing or a long train ride back home. The intricate but still relatable tracks let you dream and drift away and taste new flavors of Techno, Hardcore and beyond.

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