0bleak DJ MIX 2023 – Alligator Flavor Crocodile Bile 4 (The Last Pour)

The second mix for Praxis records by 0bleak showcases a broad variety of abstract electronic music from all over the globe. This diversity is also represented in a very tasty tracklist. The mix really dives into an otherworldly environment, unknown the most of us yet. But even though there’s so much to discover here, you can find structure everywhere. Sometimes extremely mutilated, but apparently, it’s necessary. Oh yes it is!

NO/ON: Wafat – ANFS scorpion’s lair remix [Zela Archives]
Exploited Body: Nothing Personal [PAN]
Pruvan: The Stomper [YUKU]
Aquarian: Bad Feeling [Hanger Management]
Senyawa / SŌN: Alkisah [Avon Terror Corps]
Unhuman + Surit: Recreation Room [Megastructure_]
Rey Sapienz & The Congo Techno Ensemble: Santonge [Nyege Nyege]
Flore: Coded Language (Walton remix) [POLAAR]
Zaliva-D: ???? Hun Shou Qiang Qiang [SVBKVLT]
ZULI: Trigger Finger [Haunter]
Clouds: In the Accursed Domain of the Gatecrasher [Electric Deluxe]
AnD: Power Spectrum—Sleeparchive rmx [Electric Deluxe]
Saint Abdullah & Eomac: Of Christo [Planet Mu]
Barker: Birmingham Screwdriver [Smalltown Supersound]
SSSS: Fault & Failure [Liber Null Berlin]
Operant: Information Ghettos [Dissonanze]
DJ Nephil: Backup to Zero [Gravitational Waves]
Cuvona: Tsabunta [HOMVA]
Ecko Bazz: Sesamu [Hakuna Kulala]
G36: Sulfur [Pressure]
Zaliva-D: Groan (Citizen Boy remix) [SVBKVLT]
Cocktail Party Effect: The Police Took My Garden Away [Nervous Horizon]
Raja Kirik: Kubro [Nyege Nyege / Yes No Wave]
ANFS: Kounoupi [Horo]
Rommwick: Es Schallt die Ewigkeit (Sawf remix) [Obscuur]
Ontal: R-Amen [Horo]
Jesse Draxler / Exploited Body: Your Stoic Gaze Changes States of Matter [Federal Prisoner]
Christoph de Babalon: Far Below [Vaknar]
Karkossyn: Break the Fall [Standards & Practices]
Stave: Tower9 (Israel Vines remix) [Trensmat]
Sam KDC: Prophecy Unfurling [Auxiliary]
MC Yallah: Ukweli [Hakuna Kulala]
Vofa: PI05.2 [Pi Electronics]
Sorcery: Artificial Landscapes part 2 [Midnight Shift]
Hegel: Schrei [Yb70]
Sunil Sharpe: Ground Skull Dust [Violet Poison]
Ye Gods: Flames Fall From the Sky [L.I.E.S.]
Maenad Veyl: Paint the Ossuary [Death & Leisure]
Jonquera: Darkos [Bamboo Shows]
Christoph de Babalon: It’s Inside You [Examine-Archive]
Emptyset: Flame [Subtext]
The Haxan Cloak: N/Y [Archaic Devices]
Judgitzu: Vitalimetre [Nyege Nyege]

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