Silent Killer Mixes from 2007, 2008, and 2009

I found these 3 mixes on Silent Killer’s soundcloud account recently. Known for his appetite for hard drum and bass, darkstep, hardstep and such, his mixes feature exactly the sound we have in mind when we think of this rough drum and bass stuff we love so much πŸ™‚ All three mixes function as a good reminder of the releases before 2010. You can find diverse selections with stunning sound scapes to explore over here.

Silent Killer Halloween Violation Mix (2007) Free Download

Silentkiller – Orgy
Noisia Vs Konflict – Subdue Messiah (Mash Up)
Enduser – Playing the Devil
Lethal & Khanage – Cannibal Holocaust
B Soul – Immortal (unsigned)
TZA – Hunker Down (Barcode)
Krusha – Kriminal (Barcode)
Enduser – Across (Adnoisem)
Infiltrata – Along the Way (Unsigned)
Counter Strike vs Mumblz – Sickness and suffering (Future Sickness)
TZA – Suck it up (Barcode)
Gein – We dont know (Tech Itch)
SPL – Nihil (Lost Soul)
Audio – Warehouse (Freak)
TZA – Lady Death (Barcode)
Gein – Simon (Tech Itch)
Dub One – Cry of war (Soothsayer)
Counterstrike + Genr8 – Grey Matter (Evol Intent)
SPL – Global Chaos (Obscene)
Enduser – The Catalyst (Dj Hidden Remix) (Adnoisem)
Axis + Trank – The Scent (Current Value Remix) (Guerilla)
KRUSHA – Pledge of Allegiance (Barcode)
Current Value – Brainwash (Evol Intent)
DJ Hidden – Session 113 (Flatline)
Silentkiller – Fucking Bliss

Revenge of the Titans Studio Session Mix (2008)

Counterstrike X Silentkiller β€” Purify (Algorythm Recs)
Current Value β€” Overclock (Guerilla Recs)
Necron99 β€” No Escape (Gein Rmx)
Counterstrike & Mumblz β€” Sickness & Suffering (Donny rmx) (Future Sickness Recs)
Audio and The Panacea β€” Perished (Tech Freaks Recs)
Cooh β€” Black Monday (Future Sickness Recs)
Current Value β€” Brainwash (Xpander Rmx)
Counterstrike X Donny β€” Tear your soul (Algorythm Recs)
CentaSpike β€” Contract Killing (Barcode Recs)
Of God β€” Into the Shadows of madness (Bad Matter Rmx)
Silentkiller β€” Vultures (Old version of Phantom Dust)
Gein β€” Warden (Counterstrike Rmx) (Guerilla Recs)
Switch Technique β€” Crude (Bsoul Remix)
Donny β€” The Feast (Guerilla Recs)
Silentkiller X Breaker β€” Destroyer (Guerilla Recs)
Current Value β€” Running (Cooh Remix) (Future Sickness Recs)
Gein X Counterstrike β€” Pentagram (Counterstrike Recs)
Currentvalue β€” Therapist (Guerilla Recs)
Counter Strike X Silentkillerβ€” Weapon (Counterstrike Recs)
Breaker β€” Hatchet

Barcode Filthcast 009 featuring Silent Killer (2009)

01. Enduser – Across (Adnoisiam)
02. Silent killer – Savior
03. Counterstrike & Forbidden Society – Extreme (Algorythm Recordings)
04. Current Value – Running (Cooh Remix) (Furture Sickness)
05. Donny – Fucking Offensive (Barcode Recordings)
06. Counterstrike & Silentkiller – Purify (Algorthym Recordings)
07. Silent killer & Breaker – Destroyer
08. Pyro & Mundane – Post Physical (Unsigned)
09. Gancher & Ruin ft. D-Light – Banshee (Unsigned)
10. Current Value – The Unknown (Freak Recordings)
11. Silent killer – Everyone Bleeds
12. Counterstrike & Silentkiller – Weapon (Counterstrike Recordings)
13. Silent killer – Supremacy
14. Silent killer – The Great Machine

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