Memetic Recorded Early 1997 @ The Hunter On Hunter, Newcastle, Australia

Today’s post is even for our taste way different than usual. Dj Mark N, yeah that guy from Nasenbluten, uploaded this live set by Memetic few days ago. Sometimes it’s better and easier to stick to the information you get from the artists themselves. Here’s the infoline from soundcloud:


The finest 47 minutes of Bloody Fist’s entire existence as a label occurred sometime in early 1997 on a forgotten week night, when a live set by Memetic (Ian Beckwith / Darren Blayden) was performed using two battered Amiga computers. This particular live set encapsulated perfectly the Bloody Fist sound and aesthetic of the time: hectic, rough, unpredictable, industrial, furious, crunchy, idiotic, surreal, defiant, smart-arsed and reckless. It happened at the legendary Hunter On Hunter Hotel in Newcastle, Australia and was recorded on a battered cassette, then released on Bloody Fist as FISTC-15, a split cassette with Fraughman later in 1997.

It has been ripped from the original deteriorating cassette and uploaded here for you and your poor neighbours.“


To me it’s the perfect way to get rid of the remaining Christmas crap which might be still stuck in your head. It’s merciless and ruff, however, you are lucky enough to be able to download this live set as a full WAV file. I’m pretty sure that the tape is way over the top for the most of you, others will love it. Or as a friend put it: It’s nice, but tough to listen to. He got a point!

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