Kryzys – Harder & Louder Podcast 38 // Drumcast 8

So sorry for the huge delay. Both of us have had a shitload of work to do and honestly I wasn’t as active as I hoped to be. I thought this all would work out much smoother… However, screw my pathetic excuses. Instead I’ll have some content for you. The first two mixes are by Kryzys, a DJ and producer from Brussels, Belgium. His releases are on Harder & Louder (his latest EP on Harder & Louder), Insane Events and Bankizz¬†among others. The Harder & Louder Podcast as well as the Drumcast have their¬†calmer parts, but are mostly full-on Crossbreed. His selection is more oriented on Drum and Bass than Hardcore, yet still banging. The mixing is solid and entertaining. Well, you’ll hear!

Kryzys – Harder & Louder Podcast 38

Hardlogik – Galindo Slaughter
Experimental Chemistry – Surface
Kryzys – Switching (feat. Max Shade)
Freqax – Harder & Louder
Dimnet – Ruthless
Kevlar – Lobotomized
Acid Imagination – Imago Colours
Tatlum – Carefull
eRRe – Destroy Everything
Im Colapsed – Cleaning 8
Syrinx – The Gold Stars & The Demons Wars
Void Stalker – Easy Prey
Trebor – Invader
Mystification – Recovery
Kryzys – Nothing
P01z0n & Tatlum – Last Day
GoreBug – Devastator
Surreal East & Terroreast – Pain
Syrinx – The Worship Of Baphomet
Satan – They Evolve
Shmidoo – Total Fecall
Freqax – Fuck You Back To The Stone Age
Kryzys – Lipsum (GoreBug Remix)
Cheizi Level – Distant Variance

GoreBug – Gorebreed Time (BLUSTER REC)
Peter Kurten & AirJ – K.I.L.L. (Kryzys Remix) (TBA)
Circular D – Camheads (BLUSTER REC)
Max Shade – Madhouse (BLUSTER REC)
Kryzys – Nothing (HARDER & LOUDER)
GoreBug – The Definition Of Insanity (BLUSTER REC)
Kryzys – Martyr (TBA)
BSA – Hide & Seek (BLUSTER REC)
Donny – Crawler Is Going Back (Kryzys Duomix) (FREE)
Kryzys & Max Shade – Switching VIP (NTBR)
eRRe, Fragz & BSA – Boombox Terror (YELLOW STRIPE)
GoreBug – U Can See Them (MENTAL DISORDER)
Donny – Ten Tonne Hammer (Katharsys VIP) (GUERILLA REC)
THW – Devil worshipping Motherfuckers (Kryzys Bootleg) (FREE)
Dylan – Virus (DJ Hidden Remix) (HIDDEN TRACKS)
Human Error – SnareLess (MINDTECH)
Limewax – Riget (PRSPCT)

Kryzys – Drumcast 8

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