Igneon System – Best of 2015

Igneon System – Best of 2015

Well, the last year was equally crappy as it was generous to us. We luckily had the chance to destroy some eardrums again. On the other side we made a record loss. Hell yeah !m! Anyway, it was great going nuts with you again. There will be more upcoming Ausnahmezustand parties in 2016 for sure. When it comes to music, 2015 was also a great year in this regard.

Igneon System gives you a nice overview of the best tracks in 2015, at least from his point of view. Of course, you can question the selection, but most of the tracks played in the mix are definitely worth listening. The most important labels and producers can be found in this mix. Those of you who like to refresh their memories of the past year can do so with the mix quite easily. It seems the last year was also a good year for Igneon System himself. With 5 releases on his label Heresy, a sub-label of The Third Movement, he can’t complain. One of the releases was his first Album, apart from his USB release, with 15 mindblowing tracks. I absolutely forgot to add his album to the album section. But you can find it here for only 7€. On this album you find only quality collaborations and remixes. This album is also a must have for your collection.


Fracture 4 – Let Down The Walls
The Outside Agency – Use The Machine
The Outside Agency & Tapage – Industrial Cooking Spray (Igneon System Remix)
Wavolizer – Better Sorry Then Safe
Bloodcage – Bloodline
Synapse & Sei2ure – Ghetto Kung Fu
Sinister Souls – Snare Factory
Dolphin – Dynamo (Switch Technique Remix)
Igneon System & Sinister Souls – Count To Four
Sei2ure – Peer Pressure
The Dj Producer – The Last Overdose (Ophidian Remix)
Synapse & Sei2ure – Trapped
Deathmachine – Sick Bass
The Outside Agency & N-Vitral – Sams Gospel
I:Gor – Rage
Unexist & Crisis feat.Tooms – Music Is My Weapon
Igneon System – Crisis Situation (N-Vitral Remix)
Dither – Alien Resistance (Sei2ure Remix)
Deathmachine – Lost Light
N-Vitral & Sei2ure – Noise Pumper
Xaturate & Igneon System – World Of Hurt
I:Gor – Hardcore Elephant
Angerfist & Negative A – Hurrican For My Brain
Unexist – Underground Existence
I:Gor – Cruel Fun
Djipe – Exile Or Death
Igneon System – The Roughest
Dolphin – Raiders Cap
The Dj Producer – Quite Safe (Detest Remix)
Igneon System & Sei2ure – A New World Order
Detest – L.E. Violence
Igneon System Feat. Gonzo – Dropkilla
Hellfish – Im Not Leaving
The Hard Way – Total Fucking Nihilism (The Outside Agency 2018 Remix)

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